Saturday, May 26, 2012

DIY Minnie's Bow-tique Birthday Party Supply & Decoration

YES, you can make Minnie Bow-tique birthday party supplies and decorations

After watching the Party City "party idea videos", my sweet Lilly wished her 4th birthday to be:
A Minnie party with a red Minnie costume to match her newly acquired Minnie ears.

She also wants her Minnie birthday party to have:
A PINATA  (most important), pass the present & more games, crafts & fun things to do, friends, presents, Minnie balloons, decorations and a Minnie birthday cake.

We began Minnie party planning together with online research and brain storming.

We found out Minnie has her very own cartoon now "Minnie's Bowtoons" and decided Minnie's Bow-tique along with a Lilly's Minnie Mouse Clubhouse would be our party theme for decorations and fun.

Disney Jr.'s free invite
First we needed a Minnie invitation.

Invitations made by Mommy & Lilly

This cute FREE printable Minnie Bow-tique Party invitation came straight from

We printed Minnie's Bow-tique invite and got to work creating paper invites. We glued Minnie's invite to red paper, colored dots, added ears and a paper bow. So cute but I wanted something more.
We had even more fun crafting our final batch of  "Minnie Eared Dress"  invitations: Minnie's red dress with ears and ribbon bow. 

These invitations were so simple to make 
and cost $3 including the 5x7 envelopes.

Party invitations complete and  Lilly's 4th Birthday Bow-tique Clubhouse Party preparations in full effect.

Toodles Handmade by me, Craft Tini

The Pinata - O'Toodles pull-string

Lilly wanted a pull string pinata just like in the Party City video. We got the balloons tied together and our paper, flour & water together for paper mache-ing a Minnie head. Paper Mache with 2 kids seemed like so much work and time so I looked for other options and found this DIY pinata made by Kalleen At Second Street. 

I got to crafting our pinata reusing 2 USPS boxes, red cardboard, foam sheets, tissue paper, Ribbon (same used on invites, gift bags,etc) packing tape and Elmer's glue.

When the shell of our Minnie pinata was complete we took a long look and decided Minnie could be TOODLES from
Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse in "Lilly's Minnie Clubhouse"

Please visit MaddLilly my Etsy store to purchase a "Toodles" like Lilly's or follow Kalleen's instructions above to create a special Toodles for your clubhouse.

*(4/07/14 - Many apologies to my Toodles fans who want this pinata, I am so busy with work and my family that there is no Toodles time in my day. There are 2 other sellers who have recreated Lilly's Toodles and have it for sale on etsy SuperCraftyMom and BRENDASpinatas . Please feel free to contact me at MaddLilly, atleast a month before your party, I do have a very hard time saying no to special requests, and please PIN Lilly's Toodles to your Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Pinterest board, I LOVE to see the count go up {660 today:-)})* 

Red with Polka Dot Goody Bags to match Minnie's Dress
DIY Minnie Treat Bags
Treat bags are a must for every party, especially when there is Pinata candy and prizes involved.

Simple to make and so cute to give.
We created these polka dot bags for under $2 using red lunch sacks, ribbon used in invites
and white dots cut from plain paper,

Of course, after cutting & gluing the white dots,  I found white sticker dots and thought "What a GREAT party craftivity this would have been" (next time :0) Click here for how to

Minnie Ears 
Our DIY Minnie Ears
Lilly wanted her guests to have and wear Minnie ears just like hers.
I changed it up just a little to suit our on hand supplies and all 8 pairs came out so CUTE.
My Mom is so sweet, "These look better than the ones at Disney, good job Tini". Thanks Mom :)
Minnie Ear Supplies with Inspiration Ears

Let's Decorate : ReCreate Minnie's Bow-tique 

To get decorating ideas we watched all the Minnie Bowtoon episodes available on Disney Jr.
I replayed the "Welcome to my new Bow-tique"  intro to see Minnie's Bow-tique layout so many times I was humming it in my sleep.

To recreate Minnie's Bow-tique in our living room we need:
Minnie & Daisy
Minnie's front door sign
For front window: Blue pots with bows on pink vertical rods & orange polka dot curtains
Orange W/ yellow polka dot table cover
Pink walls
A blue cuckoo clock for Minnie's bird "Cuckoo Loca" Our cats name is Loca :)
A heart shaped mirror
A small round mirror with Minnie ears sitting on a white dresser with heart knobs,
Heart shaped Swing doors in doorway,
A table for creating bows
Orange and yellow Daisy flowers
Bows, bows and MORE bows.

That's a LOT of needed things 
We did get MANY of the items and it all came together on party day:

Our stuffed Minnie & Daisy from Disney World sat so pretty on top of bow shelf.

Minnie's front door sign was made so easy with a coloring sheet, foam & ribbon and
would make be a GREAT take home party craftivity.

We painted little flower pots blue for the 3 blue pots of bows for front windows* , painted paper towel cardboard pink and glued foam bows to it... came out cute!

To craft a blue pots of bows **

paint little flower pots blue,
paint pink 3 paper towel card board rolls OR wrapping paper roll
glue 4 foam bows evenly apart onto the roll
plant roll into pot
*Our 1 finished pot of bows ended up in Lilly's clubhouse on her candy table

We found Orange w/ white white fabric for $1 at a yard sale for bow-tique curtains & table cover.

Pink walls were achieved 3 ways:
                                      Glue sheets of pink tissue together then tape up onto wall
                                      Make a streamer backdrop from pink crepe paper
                                      Use curtains, ours were pink & white stripes

Heart Shaped Mirror was hard to come by so we:
Cut a BIG heart from 2 poster boards and taped to a BIG mirror

Small round mirror with ears & bow was crafted very easy - thank you Justyce for your mirror. 
     Tape two ears, use headband ear pattern, onto a round mirror and add a Minnie bow 

Orange & Yellow Daisy flowers came from the craft store and fit nicely into blue flower pots. 

We cut bows**, LOTS of bows, from colored foam sheets to look cartoon-y

Foam bows stacked on shelves -  I put a white cover over our bookcase and taped foam bows onto cover in a pyramid style to resemble Minnie's corner bow display.

Happy 4th Birthday Lilly! 


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